Professional Therapy Solutions, LLC

Meet Bill Thomas, PT

Bill Thomas is an authority figure in the community of Madison, MS, and surrounding cities for physical therapy services. Because of his knowledge, experience, skill, and professionalism, Bill is trusted by many local physicians for providing physical therapy services to patients. His extensive work history and unique ability to produce positive treatment results while providing individualized care has prepared him for even the most difficult situations.

Bill graduated from the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s physical therapy school in 1992 with bachelor of science degrees in physical therapy and medical technology. His 20+ years of professional experience encompasses a variety of settings to include staff positions and several management and administrative positions.

Bill has furthered his education during this period through many continuing education programs. Topics of education have included osteoporosis, balance, and fall prevention at Cal State Fullerton, knee and shoulder rehabilitation, interferential current technology and treatment regimens, and manual manipulation therapy through Stanley Paris’s Institute of Physical Therapy S-1 and S-3 courses.

Bill also has a concentration in industrial rehabilitation services. Currently, he is certified by ErgoScience to perform functional capacity evaluations and impairment ratings. He has been involved with industrial consultation to include performing job site analysis, post-offer pre-screening, baseline testing, job description writing, and development of on-site rehabilitation clinics.

Bill's previous work experience includes a staff position at Methodist Medical Center, Clinical Director of Rehabilitation Services at HealthSouth, and Director of Rehabilitation Services at Rankin Medical Center. His responsibilities have included management of a 2,400-member fitness center, program development, staff recruitment, quality assurance, JCAHO compliance, daily facility operations, budgeting, marketing, and community relations.

Bill has also developed the following rehabilitation components at each facility: sports medicine program, hand therapy program, industrial rehabilitation program, spine management program, cardiopulmonary rehab program, and a balance and mobility program for senior adults.

In addition to receiving the National Leadership Award in 2003, Bill is an honorary chairman of the Business Advisory Council for the state of Mississippi and a clinical instructor for the physical therapy school at the University of Mississippi.

During his days off, Bill enjoys spending time with his family and keeping active in the church by participating regularly in mission work.