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PTS Power Pitching Program

Solve your pain. Add velocity. Improve command.

Whether you’re a pitcher looking for more velocity on your fastball, or a hitter who wants more power and bat velocity, Professional Therapy Solutions’ Pitching Program will add strength to every aspect of your game. Our program will improve arm durability, longevity, and power from the mound. Take action and target your training with our power pitching program.

Bill Thomas is a licensed physical therapist who has been treating pitchers for over 25 years. Our Power Pitching team trains pitchers 3 days a week at our facility in Madison, Mississippi. We also lead classes for pitchers from all over the state of Mississippi at the newly developed Mississippi Baseball Ranch.

Medically Based Elite Pitcher Training

Professional Therapy Solutions has created our medically based Power Pitching program to meet the demands of today's pitching arms. Unfortunately, arm pain has become synonymous with pitching, keeping developing pitchers from reaching their potential and training for long-term success.

In our practice, pain is neither good nor bad. It's merely information – a beacon that lights the way to dysfunction. That dysfunction can be either biomechanical or physical.

Power Pitching is a program that addresses pain while building strength and mechanics that support a healthy pitching motion.

Step 1: Build athleticism that converts to power on the mound

Step 2: Conduct a world-class physical assessment and video analysis to identify physical restrictions or movement inefficiencies that hinder advancement

Step 3: Individualized training to correct inefficiencies found in evaluation

Simplify the Process

Professional Therapy Solutions, LLC

In his book, Engineering the Superhuman Pitching Machine, world-renowned arm care specialist Randy Sullivan describes the process of learning that we adhere to in our Power Pitching program. "Rather than focusing on every minute detail in a movement, motor learning researchers have found it more effective to combine parts of the movements and have the athlete learn the pattern in 'chunks.'"

By using specialized tools, we can drill home proper movement patterns that will allow the pitcher to throw safer and harder without overthinking.

Precision Strike Evaluation

For pitchers of all levels, arm pain is unpredictable. Compensations can occur without the pitcher realizing it, setting them up for the development of an injury. Sign up today for a 20-point physical assessment and 2-angle video analysis of your pitching motion. Let us help you find range of motion deficiencies that are taking valuable MPH away from your velocity!

Our comprehensive Power Pitching program involves:

  • Head-to-toe physical assessment by a licensed physical therapist
  • High-speed video analysis
  • Hands-on instruction for all corrective exercises
  • Hands-on instruction for long toss
  • Hands-on instruction for weight training and nutrition
  • Three different dynamic warm-ups
  • Arm pain training
  • Classroom training on biomechanical efficiencies of throwing
  • Neuromuscular blending
  • Building movement patterns
  • Recovery and periodization of training

The Results Speak for Themselves

Here's what people are saying about PTS Power Pitching:

"The PTS Power Pitching program targeted certain weaknesses of our pitchers and designed drills to turn these weaknesses into strengths. These designed drills, along with the rest of the program's exercises, added durability, confidence, and endurance that lasted throughout our season.

The velocity gains evident at the beginning and throughout our season helped lead us to the State Championship Series at Trustmark Park."

– Coach Mark Fanning, St. Andrews Episcopal School

"Having labrum surgery in early September made me doubtful about the baseball season ahead. However, Bill's PTS Power Pitching program helped me recover faster and gain the foundation of strength and stability I needed to take on an 80-inning workload and shortstop position my senior year.

With a full recovery in under 5 months, I can say without a doubt that Bill's program gave me the chance to gain velocity and confidence, ultimately leading to my ability to play at the next level."

– Steven Atkins, Freshman pitcher, Mississippi College

"Finally there is a baseball pitching program based on conditioning and proper throwing mechanics. Multiple pitching repetitions off the mound is not the answer when there may be strength, mobility, or mechanical issues that predispose a kid to injury."

– Nelson Ware, PT, Father of Germantown high school pitcher

If you have a pitcher with any kind of arm pain or you would like to prep for the upcoming season, come see us! Tell us where you hurt and we will tell you the possible contributors to your arm pain. Classes are filling up fast so sign up today by emailing

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