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PTS Power Pitching Program

Professional Therapy Solutions, LLC

If you are a pitcher, a parent, or a coach who is seeking answers to questions about arm pain and pitcher development, you have come to the right place. Below is a short summary of our program, for a more extensive view of our work with throwing athletes, download our brochure here.

Professional Therapy Solutions, LLC

Why We Are Here?

Arm pain in baseball is more common than ever. Around the country thousands of pitchers, as young as 10 years old, are experiencing debilitating pain and severe injuries. And while there is no way to guarantee pain-free throwing, the medical knowledge of the arm in throwing athletes is growing by the day. We have your solution, and it starts here!

Where to Begin: Evaluation

Bill Thomas, P.T., founder of the Power Pitching program, will first take you and your athlete through a 30-point head-to-toe physical evaluation. Next, you will go to our indoor pitching mound and have a slow motion, 2-angle video analysis done of your throwing mechanics. Lastly, we will use these evaluations to make a take-home training plan which will address your specific needs.

What’s Next: Train

Professional Therapy Solutions, LLC

When you have been evaluated and know exactly where you have potential for improvement, come to our facility in Madison, MS to train with other pitchers in a competitive and educational atmosphere.

Sessions include: warm-up, individualized throwing drills, fast-twitch muscle development, pitcher specific strength training (leg stability, rotator cuff and shoulder strengthening) core training, and 15 minute mobility session.

Group Training: reserved by the month (avg. 12 sessions per month) These sessions are every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm.
1-on-1 Training: purchased in 60-minute or 90-minute time slots from 3:30 pm - 8:00 pm Monday-Thursday. (reserved weekly or bi-weekly)

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Professional Therapy Solutions, LLC

In the two years since beginning the Power Pitching Program, our team has worked with well over 100 pitchers from Alabama to California and everywhere in between. We have rehabbed tommy john surgery, labrum tears, and other major throwing injuries. In addition, we have worked with dozens of athletes who saw severe pain diminished in just a few weeks. Not only does pain diminish, but almost every single one of our athletes saw an increase in throwing velocity. You could be the next. Sign up for our newsletter and get weekly updates and educational material from our training blog.